Jan 30, 2013


*A long while back, Vienna Glenn Photography featured me on her blog. She had asked me to write up a little something about myself, and gosh, I had no clue where to start. I usually don't have a way with words, but I think that what I wrote for her (she cut it down some because she wanted it shorter, but i'm giving you the full version) describes me and how I started as a business woman perfectly. *

I would truly be humbled if you took time to read this little piece about myself:

Never would have I imagined that at the age of 16, I would have my own business, doing what I enjoy most: being behind the lens capturing special moments for my clients. It's what I'm passionate about, what I love most.
       This journey of my life started a little over 2 years ago. When my grandpa first introduced to me his DSLR camera, I was intrigued by this big, black machine. The first time I looked into the viewfinder, it captivated me. I had the opportunity to capture the world the way that I saw it, through my eyes. I could now tell my stories, since I don't seem to have a way with words. My photos were a way to reflect and "talk about" what I was feeling. And most of all, it let me escape to a world where I was in control. Behind the lens, I was free to do whatever I wanted, I was making the decisions, I was deciding what was right and what was wrong. My imagination could run free, and I didn't have to have any worries or cares. It was a place where I could simply be me, without judgement.
       It wasn't long before I wanted a camera for myself. I started saving my money. I wanted a big camera!!! Finally with some help from my mom and dad, I was able to get it for Christmas of 2010 and that's when it all became real. I set my heart and mind out to learn my camera. I read the manual, a book my Dad bought me, and an endless amount of articles on the Internet. I wanted and needed to know my camera. I then started to apply the knowledge I learned to my photography. Confidence in myself, as well as my photos, began to build as I was finally able to produce photos that brought me to my senses and screamed "You have potential!" After much encouragement and confidence from family and friends I began to believe in myself. An idea, a dream almost, popped in my head: I could use my talent to produce a business! 
       At first it was just talk, not seeming realistic or possible. But soon it became more than just talk, and before I knew it, I had myself a business doing the thing I was most passionate about! Then came the clients, the best part of it all! Just knowing that I was the one chosen to capture those moments for my clients was enough to help me believe in myself and strive to do my very best.
         This journey is still just in the beginning though. I still have so much to learn about photography. To be honest, I don't plan on having photography be my full time job. As I move forward in life, I want to be a surgeon, but being that I am unable to see what lies ahead in my future, I don't know where my life will end up or what my full-time job will be. I don't plan on ever giving photography up. I always want to have it as a part time or side job no matter where my life leads. And if my career becomes so demanding that it won't allow photography as a side job, it will always be a hobby because it's the land I'm able to escape to. Its the world where I'm me! But, until that day comes, I'll extend my knowledge, expand my business, and be the best I can be!

So there you have it. And I figured I'd include a little selfie in this one as well:

I confess.. I have such a hard time in front of the camera. I'm not photogenic, i'm not natural, i'm just meant to stay behind the camera. But I've been forcing myself to be in front of my own camera more. I am a human being and I exist in this world.  So that is why.



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