Feb 1, 2013

project fifty-two // week five

this week's theme was COLD!

so this week's was kind of a challenge. yes, it's been cold. but for awhile we had NO SNOW! NO ICE! NOTHING. so how was i going to show cold? then, we got a few flurries two nights ago. and yesterday, thank goodness. i had something to show the 'cold'. the snow barely covered the ground, but it was some snow. it worked for what i needed it for.:)

here is my take (i needed an excuse to show off the darling film camera i'm using for school! i'm not a nikon shooter but it's still adorable!!! just peeved i left the lens cap on):

please check out the takes on this theme of those that are joining me.:)

Natalie at Natalie Carolyn Photography
Tyler at Art of the Tyger
Bryana at Riutta Images
Marlys at This and That's Photography
Katelyn at La Bella Photography


PS.. Still able to fit in ONE SESSION for next weekend in the UP!! I'll be up there Feb 8th - 10th!! Email me at to get session details!!


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