Feb 14, 2013

2014 SENIORS!!

This year, I've decided to try something new. I graduate in the spring, so now I can focus my 100% on photography! This year, I am going to have a senior rep. A senior rep is a representative and spokes-model of Simply Bree Photography!

Being chosen as SBP's senior rep includes the following:
*a free senior session (session fee will be waived until first referral, then the session is free!)
*professional editing of all images of photographers choice (guaranteed there will be many! i'll say at least 40, but i can guarantee there will be many many more than that!)
*your own online gallery to order prints from (and to show to friends)
*rep cards for you to hand out to your friends and fellow seniors

As a senior rep, you will be given rep cards. But what in the world is a rep card? Rep cards are kind of like your own little business card that you hand out to friends and fellow seniors. Your image and SBP's information will be on the card, along with an incentive to have their senior photos taken by Simply Bree Photography (discount and/or free prints)!!

There are extra bonuses, but only the senior rep and those referred will learn of these bonuses! :)

Interested in being a SBP 2014 senior rep? Here is how you can 'apply'!!

Email SBP at and put the subject line as 2014 Senior Rep!!

Then include this information:

*Your name
*How I should contact you (include phone number, email, etc. if that's what you prefer)
*Where you live (general area is okay)
*Your high school
*Your interests and hobbies
*Write a little bit on why Simply Bree Photography should choose you as the senior representative!

I will be accepting 'applications' until March 7th, after which I will then read all the entries and determine who will be my rep!:) That gives you three weeks!!!

I look forward to hearing from you 2014 seniors!

And here is some film shots of my dear sister. She is also going to be a senior this year, so she'll be a rep too! So i will potentially have two reps.:)



Katelyn says:
at: February 25, 2013 at 5:55 PM said...

Stunning photos, Bree! Love the 4th one down. Ugh, inspiring. Wish I was a senior so I could apply :)

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