Mar 19, 2014

life these days

woah. where do i even start? it's been awhile!

well first of all, my hubby and i are expecting our first child, as i'm sure many have seen on facebook and/or instagram! if you didn't know that, we are due on September 7th! such an exciting time:)

one thing that you may or may not have noticed is that my photo a day challenge slowly dwindled away. when i first got pregnant (which is the most amazing and beautiful thing, growing a child) everything went so smoothly. no morning sickness, no complications, just exhaustion. and i can take that, because i know things could be a lot more challenging and difficult! 

but then my hormones kicked in. i don't think i have EVER dealt with hormones before. i am so even keel most of the time (or so i think.. maybe others would say otherwise?) even at certain times of the month, if you know what i mean. so this really has been very new to me, and i feel like i have to "get to know" this new me. i have some very very good days (usually on sunny days) and then i have some very very low/bad days. so for now, i am putting this photo-a-day challenge on hold and i am focusing on me and my child! because, ultimately, that is most important in my life, keeping this baby healthy and bringing it into this world. and that will be my #1 goal. always.

i hope you understand!

another thing, is this summer i will taking VERY minimal photo sessions. and i am booked for weddings for this summer. i did not take on many weddings (one a month) because i want to focus 100% on each and every client and give them my absolute best work and experience. i don't want to be overwhelmed with work, either. and i will be big & pregnant, too, so i am guessing that i will be wanting to put my feet up every once in awhile:) so i'm going to keep it simple this summer. so if you are thinking of booking a session, i would recommend booking soon because dates will fill up quickly because there will be so few of them.

also, after i have this baby, photography will only be a side job. ultimately, being a mommy has always been my #1 dream job. so my main focus will definitely be on being a mommy! i of course will still be doing a little bit of photography, but not NEAR as much as i have done in the past and recently. my child will be my main photography focus, i'm sure:) so just that it's clear, being a mommy and wife will ALWAYS be #1 for me, and then a photographer. 

i think i've said enough by now and probably bored you. so i will leave it at that for today!

my hubby on our honeymoon:)



at: March 24, 2014 at 4:50 PM said...

BEAUTIFUL picture!

at: March 31, 2014 at 8:48 PM said...

great post. so happy for you guys!

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