Feb 21, 2011

a well spent Sunday.

we don't have any young children that go to our church in the little town of Pelkie (where our church is located), in fact the ONLY young children that go to the church belong to our family! (the next youngest that doesn't belong to our family is in 7th grade.) so on Sunday we decided to head down to Ishpeming for church and then possibly do some visiting afterwards so the younger kids could meet new people and possibly make new friends. friends their OWN age. not me and not each other! im older.. in plus, we see each other every day.

but visit we did! we visited at a friend's house. the weather was superb, so the kids had a ball playing out on the driveway that was about a solid 3 inches of ice, we went for a walk out in the woods, and had some all around enjoyable visiting.

the visiting was needed for the people of this household, if i do say so myself. we all left with high spirits and happier than we had been in days!

these two boys became friends right away! it was so heartwarming to see my siblings having fun with kids, other than each other. :)

these are some of the adorable kiddos that we went to visit!

the kids had a blast! friends were made, a few owee's came about as well, but all-in-all it was a grand time. (im loving the top right picture. she just fit right in with the 'big' boys, don't you think?)

so much fun! don't realize how much you really miss out on, until you do it again. even though there wasn't anyone my age, it was still super fun! i could take pictures all day long, truth be told, ESPECIALLY of kids. they're so fun and adorable!

this was definitely a well spent Sunday afternoon. i'm thinking we are going to have to start doing it more often. :)


p.s. i learned something new about myself on Sunday, as well! i learned that i am not shy. i always feel shy, but then me and Leilani were talking and she tells me "out of all of us kids, you're the only one that's not shy!" i was shocked. i always thought of myself as shy.


Sue Hill
at: February 21, 2011 at 5:18 PM said...

You didn't seem shy to me :) Such cute pictures and we all enjoyed having you over! I hope you come over again!

at: February 21, 2011 at 5:26 PM said...

shy? you? never! Fun pics! Joleen

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