Feb 17, 2011


today you get to meet my beautiful sister, my best friend, Leilani. she is 15 months younger than i, making her 14 years old. i know for a fact that i wouldn't be able to live without her. she knows me better than anyone else! whenever i need someone to talk to, she's always there with a willing ear to listen and heart to understand. and since we are so isolated in the UP, i have gotten to know her better in the last 2 years than i had for the rest of my life. and let me tell you, its amazing to have your best friend with you all the time and i wouldn't have been able to survive up here without her.

she is a very laid back and easygoing person with a very sunny attitude. it often seems as though she doesn't have a care in the world. but when she does get stressed or worried, she plays piano. she could sit for hours playing her heart out. that is where she feels the most comfort and security, lost in her world of music. she has a natural talent for music. when she hears a piece she likes, she finds the sheet music on the internet, prints it off, listens to it a few times on the internet, then plunks it out. to me, it seems as though she can learn that music in just a few days. and she stores it all in her head too. where? i don't know. but she remembers it all by heart.

she is a freshman in high school and shares one hour of our school day with me. Algebra II. it's so nice having someone there to do homework with. someone to ask questions. being there to answer questions and help her, as well! she has a favorite outfit. you'll often find her wearing her gray adidas wind pants with a bright blue stripe down the side, and her blue under armour sweatshirt. and almost always she has her hair pulled back in a pony tail. and i wouldn't have her any other way!

one thing that i don't think she'll admit, is she secretly enjoys getting her pictures taken. she always has a new idea for pictures. but i don't mind one single bit. my camera is my third hand that i never had. i enjoy taking pictures of her, because she is so photogenic. so pretty! and how couldn't i just enjoy spending time with her!?

these here photos were all her idea. i was just the photographer, trying to capture the image(s) that filled her mind. i don't know if i succeeded or not, she never said. but i personally enjoy these photos very much! they turned out pretty decently, if i do say so myself.

personally, i really like the one on the right. one of my favorites!
we found this door tucked away in a little nook somewhere downtown houghton. i fell in love with the colors instantly! they just went along with her clothes and balloon. just everything! so picture perfect. (just like the girl IN the pictures.)

and im saving my favorite two for last. i just fell in love with them as soon as i saw them. yummy, yum, yum. she is so pretty and so natural in photos! see, there really is a reason why im on the other side of the camera.

slowly but surely i'll continue introducing my family, until i've gotten them all. so here is leilani. i think i got it all up there, so now you should feel as if you've known her for a lifetime. she's so easy to get along with, so pretty, just everything i could ever ask for. Thank you, God, for blessing me with such a wonderful sister and best friend!

i love you, leilani!

<3 - bree


Sue Sturos says:
at: February 17, 2011 at 6:27 PM said...

Lovely pictures!

Mara Jurmu
at: February 17, 2011 at 6:38 PM said...

CUTE! I love these pictures!

Emily Hill
at: February 20, 2011 at 12:42 AM said...

Precious! It's so nice to know you are good friends! I have all girls who are good friends now..I hope they find friends in each other at your age!

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