Feb 18, 2011


it's Friday! hallelujah! all week long i wait for this day. because seriously, what CAN'T you like about a Friday? it's the end of the school week which means it's finally the weekend. love the feeling!  since it's the end of the week, i'm giving my fingers a break. i'll just drop a photo or two (or three) on here, and be on my way.

this is a tease for a post that will appear next week. just one thing to say: the weather was beautiful this week and i loved it and i'm ready for it to stay.

these were taken by self timer, and THAT is why this first photo is out of focus. but the kids cooperated, sorta, so i have to share it none the less.

(note: there is snow on the ground and i'm wearing a tank top, makes sense, right? the weather was a walloping 64 degrees! i was loving it!)

well, to one and all, have a glorious Friday. and a glorious weekend as well. i know i will! especially the 'sleeping in' part of it.

happy weekend-ing!



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