Jul 19, 2011


mean so much to me!

here is why:

it all started on very hot Sunday in June. my uncle was bringing some of us girls tubing, and one of my friends invited her along. we chit-chatted a bit on the boat, but when we left, something just drew me to this girl, and told me to ask for her number. i facebooked her asking her for her number, not sure what she would think of me, being i am almost 2 years younger than her. thankfully, she didn't think i was dumb!

from the day i started texting her, we became very fast friends. within 2 weeks, she knew more about me than most anybody else. and now, she is my dearest friend!

the moral of this story, though, is when i was babysitting in Minnesota in June, i walked out the front door one morning, and there laying on the doorstep was a bouquet of fresh, hand-picked daisies with a little not pinned to them! tears pricked my eyes, threatening to spill over. it took some work not to let them slide down my cheeks. never before had i met a friend that had done so much for me, and at this point i had not even known her for 2 weeks!

i'll be honest. she is my best friend and i couldn't live without her! i never knew what it was like to have such a friend, but now i realize that it is almost the greatest gift that you can receive in life!

the other night i was meandering outside, trying to keep my mind from too much thinking, when a wave of sadness came over me and i just started to miss this friend so badly. this led to an impromptu little photo shoot of my dear sister, with the main focus on, yes, the daisies. and that is why daisies have so much meaning to me. and, for this exact reason, they always will!

what is a best friend? a true friend?  if i was asked these questions, here are the first 10 qualities/traits that i would say.

a best friend is..
 1. someone that laughs with you.
2. someone that cries with you, and wipes your tears.
3. someone that always has a ready ear to listen, and doesn't judge.
4. someone that you can tell anything and everything to, and know that it won't reach anyone else's ears.
5. someone who tells you the honest truth. about everything!
6. someone who keeps no secrets from you!
7. someone that understands the reason behind your doings.
8. someone that has unlimited amounts of respect for you.
9. someone that always has time to listen, and time to talk. no matter when, where, or what the circumstance!
10. someone that loves you no matter what, even when they know your deepest darkest fears and secrets!

my list is really endless. a few more ways i define my best friend, is she doesn't hesitate to tell me i'm too fancy to ever be a farmer. we can sit in silence comfortably, and know what eachother is thinking. nothing is at all awkward! she also doesn't hesitate to tell me i am weird. VERY weird at that!

everyday i am ever so thankful for my best friend! and my few very good friends! it's so nice to have someone to share my struggles with. and relate to things in faith. i can't be more thankful that God sent her and my other good friends into my life.

how do YOU define a good true friend?


PS. the rest of that little impromptu photo shoot can be found here. you must first 'like' the page to be able to 'like' or comment on a photo.


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someone who can forgive

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