Feb 4, 2013


On Saturday I attended my Great-Grandpa's funeral. He passed away just six short days before turning 101 years old. He lived on his own and with his son for almost to the end of his life. My great-grandpa was a very special man. He was a very wise man with a very sharp mind up until the end. He always had time for everyone, and he always had a piece of advice for everyone. When I was younger, he would take us younger kids up on his lap and sing songs to us. Songs that I had only heard from him, and probably will only ever hear from him. And for some reason, every time he came over our refrigerator would "pop". His walking cane was always a novelty for us kids when we were younger. My great-grandpa was just a special man.

But at the funeral, when I looked around, I just can't help but think of how thankful I am for my family. My mom has 17 siblings, so a total of 18 kids in her family. There are 80 of us cousins on my mom's side, i think, and another cousin is due any day. I am surrounded by much love, that goes without any doubt!

I truly am blessed. There is so much love surrounding me. I know that not everyone is as fortunate as I, and I definitely don't take advantage of it! I matured at quite a young age, and I've moved multiple times in my lifetime. I can guarantee I've moved more than many of you reading this. So I've lived by all parts of my mom's family, and at a very young age, I would visit with those much older than me. I would visit with my aunts and uncles, and with people my parents visited with. I learned to visit with elderly, and that, in my opinion, is a very special thing to be able to do. Many people in my generation don't know how to sit and visit with the elderly. It's very sad, but true.

When I was young, my mom's youngest brother lived with us and from that we have formed a special bond that has only grown through the years. He is very special to me! But, I am able to get along with all of my mom's siblings and have built bonds with many of them. One of my uncles is my godfather. He is very special to me. One of my aunt's is so supportive in my business and is always finding props for me and ways to help me. She is very special to me. They all are special to me! I truly am so so thankful and blessed. And it only helps that I'm a photographer! It has brought me closer to much of my mom's family. It has brought me closer to many people, but especially family.

I guess what I'm saying is that I feel accepted in all parts of the family. I can sit and visit with my aunts and uncles, my grandma and grandpa as well. And I can hang out with cousins my age. But I also always have time for the younger cousins. Interaction with those older than them is really important for younger kids! I feel like I have the perfect spot in the family. And I love it. I love my family! And I am so thankful.

It's important to remember to count your blessings. This weekend was one of those times where you count your blessings whether you realize it or not. All of my mom's siblings were together for the third time within 12 months. That was a blessing that was counted many many times. It never happens that often!

There is just so much to be thankful for. Count every little thing.

Here's a few of my crazy family from this weekend:)



Shian Spaulding(:
at: February 5, 2013 at 3:54 PM said...

When i read this, i was thinking, woah. We're the same person! My mom has 13 siblings, and her parents have 93 grandchildren. Withing the past two weeks, my aunt had a stillborn baby and my cousin had a baby that died days later due to heart issues. So we were hit hard, but one of the things that came to me as we were all at my cousins house comforting each other is that so many people are not as blessed to have such a huge family full of love for each other. I have people there for me at any time i would need them, my closest friends are cousins, and like you, i feel like i have a perfect spot in the family! Thanks for sharing! :)

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